Advance Tickets

Starting at 6pm on Monday November 25, $25 re-entry tickets will be for sale at the door.

Best seat.  Most Flexibility.
Why do I care:
  • This ticket gets you the BEST SEAT for your chosen 3 hour time slot.
  • Pick up your ticket at will call.  Your seat will be waiting for you when you arrive.
  • Re-enter throughout the entire 24 hours as long as a seat is available.
Why do we care:
  • Not everybody can purchase this pricey ticket.  We appreciate that it was important to you because it is important to us.  You should know that we will hand your $100 directly to a family in need of financial assistance on Christmas Day.​
If you know you can't make it until after midnight on Tuesday, this ticket is for you!  Check out our schedule here.
Why do I care:
  • Pick up your ticket at will call. 
  • Ticket can be used for re-entry beginning at 12am Tuesday November 26th through the remainder of the 24 hour event.
Why do we care:
  • Feel free to come and go after midnight.  Every time you come back you make it easier for the cast and crew to keep going.

After midnight performances by Horatio Sanz, Ty Segall, Steve Albini, Jam Space, Bonnie "Prince" Billy and more...

Advance sign up closed but you may still sign up at the door!
FREE ($25 deposit upon arrival)
Want a free ticket?  Stay for all 24 hours!
Why do I care:
  • Get a GREAT SEAT throughout the entire 24 hour event!
  • Pick up your ticket at will call at 4pm the day of the event.
  • Use someone else's money to bid on once-in-a-lifetime experiences during our live auction!  More information at will call.
  • Join the cast on stage for the finale!
  • After the show, collect your All24 thank you gift (and your $25 deposit).
Why do we care:
  • ​We can't do this without an audience.  Your involvement in the process is as important as anything that happens on the stage.  
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